Costume Populare Romanesti. Portul Popular din Romania 112 zone etnografice in Romania Folk Art Costumes. Romanian National Dress Attire. presents

All 112 Styles of Folk Costumes of Romania

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Kathleen Bartulow (1876-1961)
my Great-grandmother.
Picture taken in 1915


  • About us
  • Why a collection of folk costumes? Why a collection of folk costumes of people who live in Romania and not just a collection of Romanian folk costumes?
  • Why illustrations and not actual pictures?
  • The period and age of costume presented.

        My name is Jurca Floare. As you might guess, I am part Romanian. My father is Romanian (român din mosi-strãmosi,) but on my mother's side we are a very nice and colorful mixture and this could be the main reason I wanted the present ALL ethnic groups living in Romania..

          There are lots of books or websites on Romanian folk costumes. Most books or websites describe in details the Romanian folk heritage and some vaguely remember a few other ethnic groups. Other books present the folk costumes of Germans (Saxons) who live in Transylvania (Siebenburgen,) or folk costumes of Hungarians who live in Transylvania, giving the impression that Transylvania is solely inhabited by either only Germans, or only Hungarians, or only Gypsies. My desire was to present all ethnic groups who live in Romania and to give equal time to every ethnographic zones of every ethnic group living in Romania. I wanted also to present the forgotten Romanians who live outside the present day Romanian borders.

          In creating this web site I owe many thanks to my friends and family who helped me getting costumes, or parts of the costumes, old pictures, old post card, many specially books; or they let me take pictures of their heirlooms. Many of my friends persuaded (I really, really mean PERSUADED ) their relatives (mostly old ladies) to show me and to let me take pictures of the old ladies' folk stuff. Many helped me in my travels all over Romania, as companions, photographers, or guides.

    Jurca Floare

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