All 112 Styles of Folk Costumes of Romania

Romanian Folk Costumes: BANAT , Mountains and Hills Area
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Almaj or Tara Almajului (or Valea Nerei)
Valea Bistrei
(Images from Parvova) See Note 3
Caras (Around Oravita)
Old Banat Style
Village of Carbunari
(1700's Settlers from Oltenia)

Almaj, Man

Winter Outfit

Valea Bistrei, Teenager
Almaj Back Apron
Clisura Dunarii
(Village of Sichevita) See Note 2
Banat, Men (see Note 1)

Banat, Man,

Spring & Fall

Banat, Man

Work Outfit
Work Clothes,
with Apron
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BANAT: Folk Costume Main Feature: Women wear Two Aprons, One or both with fringes

Note 1: Men's costumes from Banat have some common elements. In the summer, men wore wide cotton pants, and large, un-tucked shirts. During cold weather men's pants were tight on the legs and were made of wool. Style of lace and embroidery which decorated the shirts, pants, and vests were somehow different from one sub-zone to another. Also different were the winter coats.

Note 2. Clisura Dunarii, is the strip of land along the Danube Valley from Bazias to Gura Vaii. Ethnographically, Gura Vaii belongs to Mehedinti. Here are the name of a few villages in Clisura Dunarii: Sichevita, Ogradena, Virciorova, Comarnic, Tufari, Berzeasca

Note 3 Folk Costumes from Hateg, Transylvania, & Folk Costumes from Valea Bistrei, Banat, have many common elements, see MAP